Immigration Reform: Building Communi-Tea in the Triangle

Church World Service RDU

Today’s post is written by blogger and CWS volunteer Ashley Brown

During the rain-filled weekend, the sun decided to make a special appearance last Friday as women of different nationalities, life experiences, and organizations came together for a common cause: immigration reform.  Colorful table cloths and flowers donned each table in preparation forthe interfaith teaparty and discussiontitled Ruth’s Journey: Building Communi-Tea, moderated byby well-known WRAL-TV news anchor, Renee Chou.  Refugee and immigrant women spoke together with their native born American friends about how they had worked together to improve life here in the Triangle.

Casey Smith, a high school student and CWS volunteer, was first to discuss her work as an English conversation partner for Aline, a

refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo. After being raised in the DRC and then fleeing to Kenya, Aline and her young family are now settling in…

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