Workout and Diet

All throughout high school, I was what I considered “thick”, and then later realized that I was actually overweight (170 lbs, 5 ft). My starting goal was to drop maybe 10lbs and be healthier. I joined Beachbody (the makers of P90X and Insanity), in 2010, after returning from a year of teaching in Korea. Wonderful experience.. however, you can imagine what all that sticky white rice did to my midsection! After a change in diet, and then randomly taking on Shaun T.’s ‘Insanity’, I noticed that I had stronger endurance than I thought. This led to working at Golds Gym, so that I could be surrounded by my new lifestyle. During this time, I started long-distance running. A year and a half ago, I dreaded the idea of running 1/2 way around a track. But, after joining the African American Sweat Club, and then Black Girls Run (BGR), two non-profits that encouraged Black women to get into the sport…  I am now a marathoner 🙂 So, today I’m proud to say that I’ve kept off the 40lbs and feel awesome. I don’t love food any less, but it no longer controls me! *Shout out* I’ll be forever thankful to my trainers, fellow Beachbody coaches, and BGR sisters who kept me in-check!

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