Sharwarma.. and sometimes stuffed w/ fries. Yes, I've been bad 😦

Today, started my new (actually my normal, in the U.S.) diet. For the past 2

months, I have been eating like a true Arabian.. especially those addictive shawarmas and falafel burgers.. and it shows. In the States, I enjoyed not going easy on the carbs, thanks to marathon training. But marathon season is over.. it’s been over! And I’ve continued to eat pita breads, rice, and cereal as if I’m a Nigerian racing for the gold. Life is sedentary here. And I’m slowly picking up my indoor routine of 3 miles on the treadmill, plus P90X.

Diet-wise, I am trying to fit in 5 small meals a day. My laziness to get up at 5am, is what’s stopping me from having a legit breakfast. But to get my pre-Saudi body back, I must do this and cook more often. Tomorrow, I’m picking up this expensive protein powder ($80, when it should be $40). But this the easiest way to get the extra 2 meals between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wish me luck!


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