About Me

I am a daydreamer! One who puts herself in all of her books, and then finds a way to make it happen. Who plans out her year, day, hour .. and has such a constant flow of thoughts, that its unfair to express just one. I’m that girl who will try to turn her ‘cons’ list into ‘pros’. The optimist, since there’s enough people in the world feeding on pessimism.

I LOVE food!.. I have a fat mentality and desire all things unhealthy. I lay in bed at night, planning out what I’ll eat the next day. A day filled with complex carbs,  salt and vinegar chips, and red velvet sweets… *I’m currently smiling*!  But, since it takes a lot of extra effort to keep the weight off, I revert back to my very first sentence.. and just dream about it.

I have the tendency to be a loner at times. This has allowed me to devote time to journaling. How many people can say that they have a record of their life since age 7? I’m the quiet observer in a large group, but the jokester in a small one. Yet strangely, I love loud/clashing colors, city life, and tend to associate with extroverts. Go figure…

I’m passionate for Latin dance, French language, Korean culture, and long-distance running. This blog SHOULD be about my experiences living in Saudi Arabia. But if this blog seems all over the place, forgive me. I’m just hoping to find a way to blend all of my loves. Follow me on my journey and leave your feedback 🙂

30 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I found your blog through Matador. I’m an American in Taiwan, and I’ll leave Taiwan after 2 years this summer. I’ve always been curious about the Middle East and how it is for women. Believe it or not, you’ve made me want to visit!

    I don’t know if I could handle not being able to run outside… it’s hard here, with the pollution and traffic, but it’s doable. To have that option completely taken away would be hard!

    • I didn’t think I’d miss it that much.. but Running is probably the first thing I’ll do when I get home. Are you long-distance, short, or for fun?

      How’s Taiwan? That was one of my choices, my first year abroad, but went for Korea

      • Haha, I’m slow-jog-until-my-hip-hurts. I’m overweight, and the doctor here told me to stop running and putting so much pressure on my joints… but I can’t. So it hurts, but it’s fun. Does that make me a masochist?

        Taiwan is good. Most people who come here from Korea prefer it here because it’s far more “liberal”. You can make good money and travel a lot. If you ever decide to come this way, let me know and I’ll connect you with some good people.

        How much longer are you in SA? I suppose I should read more of your entries before I ask questions – you probably answer all of them 🙂

  2. Me too I just found your blog via Matador! I really enjoyed reading your last entries as I’ve always been interested in the Middle East. Although from reading you, I am not sure if I could live in Saudi Arabia…will certainly check your blog again… It sounds like you have been living abroad for a while, SA and Korea…any other places?

    • Hey! Thanks for checking it out! Well I’ve only been in Korea for 1 yr, Saudi for a 1/2, and Canada for 1yr (if you count that one, lol 😉 .. I do enjoy it though.. I couldn’t have learned the things I came across, simply thru a book. So, I’m thankful for the experience. Are you overseas?

  3. I am looking into teaching in KSA and I am also an athlete. Can you tell me how much it is to join a gym, or perhaps post about opportunities for women can workout there?
    I really like you blog :-).

    • Hey Ana! The few gyms I’ve checked out ranged from about $100-150/ month.. I haven’t found any hard-core gyms, with wide variety of weights and steel. These were women-only facilities, within their own complexes, quite fancy (pools, treadmills, and pilates-like equipment). Usually a spa and salon are on site. I believe that the womens’ gym on the DQ (Diplomatic Quarters) was $15 per visit. This facility is mainly a pool, sauna, and about 8 cardio pieces. There are also parks on the DQ to run in.
      I personally chose to buy my own treadmill and bring a few fitness DVDs with me. Saves money. Saves time (taxi rides). And more convenient.
      What sport are you into?

      • Thanks for the response. The female gyms sound great. Do they teach fitness classes also or is it mainly individual effort? I do a Brazilian martial arts called Capoeira. I though if I found a women’s gym, and if there was interest, I may be able to teach it in KSA to women only… we’ll see. There is gym I could use on the compound where I would live on -if I got the job which I interviewed for YESTERDAY. So that would be great also. 🙂

      • They do have classes, but I’d think Capoeira would be a 1st 🙂 You should definitely suggest it, because there are not many classes for female martial arts that I’ve seen. Especially since the teachers are often male. How’d the interview go? Is it in Riyadh?

  4. WOW, I’m a Saudi girl “about to graduate at KSU”, so intrested in other cultures and always wanted to see my country from other culture’s angle
    while reading ur posts I got so exited and felt like I want to comment on every sentence (doesn’t happen usual)
    U opened my eyes on things and clear some thoughts ( the way I see things “about SA” and how it’s rationally appears ) something like this “not good in expressing ^^

    just Sooo glad I found this blog

  5. So nice to meet you today Ashley. Funny…..this is the firs time I have ever been on a blog…..that should be a crime. Looking forward to my time in Saudi Arabia. Yiskah

    • Haha! No shame there.. I’m happy that mine’s is the first 🙂 It was divine and nice to meet you as well!
      The entries about Saudi start maybe 4 posts down.. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to write or call whenever

  6. Hi there! This is Tariq Wali. I have found your blog very informative. Very soon I m coming to Riyadh on a job. Want to know any karate clubs for non-saudis to join in Riyadh.

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