Insanity Fit Tests

Today started Day 1 of Insanity! Insanity is a bootcamp-like cardio that is done at-home, by DVD. I’ve been searching Riyadh for a gym.. The first problem I faced was that many gyms for women had been shut down. It was thought that it would take women away from their husband and children. The second problem, the price!! The few gyms left, start at $150/month…

Since I came to Saudi to save money, signing up was sadly out of the question. Thank God though, I brought not only my ‘Insanity’ set, but also my ‘P90X’, ‘Body Gospel’, and latin music! To complete my at-home gym, I plan to also pick up some dumbbells, a pull-up bar, and a treadmill. All of these should easily sell at the end of my contract, since the foreigners are desperate for some type of movement.

Today’s workout: 3/8/12

20 minute Latin Dancing

30 minute Insanity 1st Fit Test (each workout lasts 1 minute)

  • Switch Kicks (90 singles)
  • Power Jacks (44)
  • Power Knees (110)
  • Power Jumps (29)
  • Globe Jumps (7)
  • Suicide Jumps (14)
  • Push up Jacks (16)
  • Low Plank Obliques (46 singles)

*Not the best start, but a lot of room for improvement!!

 To learn more about Insanity, visit

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